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SpiderTech Online Modules detail the efficacy of kinesiology taping, the associated anatomy and physiology underlying taping theories, and the Neurosensory / Structural / Microcirculatory methodology of taping.
Practitioners will gain an understanding of the fundamentals and principles of SpiderTech's NSM Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Taping--preparing them for further hands-on instruction and certification as a NSM certified practitioner.

Estimated Length: 3 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Module 1: The Neurophysiology of Pain -
Online Lesson2. Module 2: How Kinesiology Taping Works -
Online Lesson3. Module 3: How To Use SpiderTech -


  • Understand the history of kinesiology tape.
  • Understand the differences between roll and pre-cut applications.
  • Review of neurophysiology mechanisms in sensation.
  • Understand the anatomical components involved in using kinesiology tape.
  • Review of sensation of pain, its effect on function, and the differences between acute and chronic pain.
  • Learn the mechanisms of action in the use of kinesiology tape.
  • Understand the application techniques of kinesiology tape, tape handling, and tape cutting skills.
  • Identify the clinical objective and reasoning for the use of kinesiology tape.
  • Learn the 3 application techniques for clinical benefit: Neursensory, Structural, and Microcirculatory.

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