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NEW Innovative Education Program:
SpiderTech University

Consisting of Webinars, Online Modules, and In-Person Continuing Education Seminars—SpiderTech University offers the most comprehensive Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Taping education and training available to Medical Professionals.

NSM Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Taping was developed by Physical Therapists and Chiropractors as a comprehensive instructional tool for medical professionals using SpiderTape kinesiology tape as an adjunct modality in their practice. 

NSM taping methodology allows practitioners to achieve a variety of clinical outcomes.  Most significantly, SpiderTech acts as an adjunct modality that can prolong the benefits of primary modality treatment by providing continuous sensory input to the patient--in essence, it becomes an extension of your treatment between patient's office visits.

  • Webinars:
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  • Hands-on Continuing Education Courses:
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  • Online Education Course Modules:
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